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Biomass Pellet Plant Project

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Canada 2-3 T/H Full Automatic Biomass Wood Pellet Processing Line Plant Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Canada
Capacity: 2-3 T/H
Date: Aug 10th,2018

Canada’s forests are some of the most resilient and sustainably managed in the world. They are subject to stringent environmental regulation, careful management and extensive third-party certification. That’s why customers requiring sustainable biomass products have confidence in the Canadian wood pellet sector.

The Canadian wood pellet sector exists primarily to make better use of forests that are already being harvested. As our ability to process a broader range of wood fibre has improved, it has allowed us to decrease not just sawmill residues, but harvest residues, and support other, government-led initiatives to rehabilitate damaged, dead or understocked stands. This creates room for new forests that improve wildlife habitat and carbon capture.

The client’s main raw material is wood chips with a water content of 50%, and wood chips with a water content of 50% need to be made into 6-12mm biomass wood pellets. In this 2-3 tons/hour automatic biomass wood pellet production line, the biggest problem is the workshop part. The customer has a very special type of workshop, and the scale is very small, the size of the workshop is 26m * 20m * 12m (L * W * H), so it is difficult to build a complete 2-3 t/h full automatic biomass wood pellet processing line plant within this height. The business manager and engineer in charge of the project also produced a variety of feasible solutions for users to choose, and finally designed a solution that is satisfactory to customers.

In this project cooperation, superb process design and strong production team are very key factors that impress customers. The final biomass pellets of this project are mainly used for export, and the quality requirements are very high. However, the hardness and size of the pellets produced by our wood pellet machine can be adjusted, which can fully meet the quality requirements of export. The installation period of the Canada 2-3 t/h full automatic biomass wood pellet processing line plant project is 60 days. In subsequent operations, about 5 people are needed to ensure the normal operation of the production line.

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