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2021 Namibia Poultry Feed Demand Increases

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Recent outbreaks of highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) in some European countries have resulted in the suspension of live poultry, birds, and poultry products into the country. The country’s largest poultry producer, Namibia Poultry Industries (NPI), has called on all poultry producers in the country to use this opportunity to show that Namibia can be self-sufficient and meet total local demand. Namibia has been steadily increasing local poultry production over the last 5 years with significant growth specifically seen with small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Namibia poultry feed
Namibia poultry feed

Namibia poultry producers want to meet their country's poultry needs and must be adequately prepared for poultry feed. Namibia feed mills and farms that produce poultry feed pellets should increase the production and storage of poultry feed pellets to meet the needs of poultry mills as much as possible.Luckily, Namibia has its own, functioning poultry industry and is not completely reliant on imports. Namibia is one of the most effective and efficient poultry producers in the Southern African Development Community region. So, the local producers should keep the faith, continue to operate and provide the Namibian public with chicken products and create jobs by doing so.

2021 Namibia poultry feed demand increases

If poultry producers want to be self-sufficient, they can consider expanding their scale. Of course, this also provides opportunities for feed manufacturers to expand the scale of feed factories and increase feed production. Powerful feed mills can also consider adding feed pellet production line equipment to maintain feed supply. The prospect of Namibia market demand is relatively good. If you want to add a complete feed pellet production line equipment, how to operate and realize it?

Poultry feed pellet factory production process

(1) Raw material receiving system

Shredded material: Pour the material to be crushed into the pit, transport it to the elevator through the scraper conveyor, lift it to the cylinder for preliminary cleaning and sieve, then enter the permanent magnet cylinder to oscillate, enter the distributor and be distributed to the silo to be crushed. To be crushed.

Feeding of auxiliary materials without crushing: transported by a scraper conveyor to a hoist, and then lifted to a cylindrical powder sieve, then enters the permanent magnet cylinder to oscillate, and then transported by a scraper conveyor to the distributor to be distributed to ingredients Warehouse, to be mixed ingredients.

(2) Crushing system

The material to be crushed is in the silo to be crushed, and enters the crusher through the feeder for crushing, and then the crushed material is transported to the elevator through the screw conveyor, and then is lifted to the distributor, and then enters the batching silo to be mixed.

(3) Batching mixing system

The batching in the batching bin is passed through an automatic batching scale to make the raw material mixing ratio to a fixed value, and a certain amount of grease is added at the same time. Then the raw materials enter the mixer for mixing, and then enter the smashing bin through the scraper conveyor for two After pulverization, it passes through the elevator to the finished product inspection sieve. After sieving, the particles that meet the particle size requirements enter the permanent magnet cylinder for oscillation, and then pass through the distributor to the granulation bin.

(4) Feed pelleting system

After the raw materials are crushed, they are granulated by a feed pellet machine in the granulation bin, and then enter the crusher for crushing after being cooled by a cooler, and then pass through the elevator to the grading screen. The particles that meet the requirements enter the finished product bin through the distributor. The particles that do not meet the requirements are batched through secondary mixing, enter the distributor through the batching scale, and then enter the pellet machine.

(5) Packaging system

The finished product is firstly packaged by a scale, then sealed with a sewing machine, and finally transported to the finished product warehouse by a belt conveyor.

If your team is going to build a poultry feed pellet production line, the advantage of choosing us is that RICHi will help you:

1.Determine the scale of poultry feed mill.

2.Determine the feed process and recommend poultry feed machine.

3.Control mode selection.

4.Poultry feed manufacturing plant structure selection.

5.Planning the general drawing of poultry feed mill plant site.

6.We devote ourselves to undertaking all poultry feed production line 1-100 T/H.

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