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Taiwan, China 1-2 T/H Good Feedbacke Biomass Wood Pellet Making Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Taiwan, China
Capacity: 1-2 T/H
Date: March 28th,2017

Taiwan is an island with a population of 23 million and has abundant natural resources except for fossil fuels. This is a national security concern since more than 99% of Taiwan’s energy is imported and the energy alternative is limited. In order to create diverse energy resources and delivery system, it is necessary to increase the country’s local energy resource supply and alternatives. The renewable energy resources, including solar, wind, biomass and geothermal, become the indigenous power resources to reduce dependence on imported energies.

Taiwan 1-2 t/h good feedback e biomass wood pellet making line project. The raw materials for this project are very special. It is not our common wood, wood chips, round wood, etc., but waste wood from a wood board factory, which is very light and very long. This kind of raw material generally uses a wood crusher to crush these boards into small pieces, and then crush these small pieces of wood into sawdust through a wood hammer mill, and then granulate them. The hosts that need to be equipped in this project are as follows:

1.Drum wood chipper*55KW ;

2.wood crusher*37kw;

3.pellet machine*110KW ;

4.cooling machine*SKLH11*11

5. packing machine and other auxiliary equipment.

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