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How to Make Insects Into Animal Feed Pellets?

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Insects are regarded as an alternative with high potential because the production of insects demands limited amounts of water and land, and they can add value to low-value by-products.


1. What is the commonly used insect used in animal feed?

The black soldier fly or Hermetia illucens is the most common insect used in insect meal for animal feed. The dry weight of Black Soldier Fly larvae (BSFL) contain up to 50% crude protein(CP), up to 35% lipids and have an amino acid profile that is similar to that of fishmeal. They are recognized and utilized as alternative sources of protein for feed of poultry, pigs, and several species of fish and shrimp.

2. Why use insects as feed for animals?

Using insects as animal feed has additional benefits, not just for nutrition, but also in terms of animal health. Research is being carried out into whether insects can be helpful for reducing the use of antibiotics. For instance, you can boost the immune system of animals by feeding insects and chitin works as a probiotic. Also, the black soldier fly has been investigated for its antimicrobial properties and, in pigs, the lauric acid from this fly can prevent diarrhoea. These health effects make insects very interesting as animal feed and quite a lot of research is currently being done in this field.

3. Will insect meal mainly be used as an additive in animal feed?

I do indeed think it’s about mixing rather than replacing the entire feed with insects. Insects will always remain an ingredient, which is also usually the case with those used in fish feed. In some cases, you can replace fish meal by 100% insects, but in other cases this proportion is only 25%. it depends on the species of fish.

4. The feed industry is very cost-driven, so how will insect meal fit in?

Using insects for animal feed can only be profitable by making production cheaper, for instance by growing insects on organic residual flows. However, such residual flows are also increasingly being used directly as feed for animals and will therefore become more expensive. The question is whether the insect business can compete with this use. That is quite a challenge, as the insect companies have had to invest heavily in production.

5. What are the regulations for the use of insect meal in animal feed?

In Europe, insect production is a relativity new and fast emerging sector, but legislation has yet to catch up. Insects are classified as farmed animals and can only be fed with feed ingredients that are authorised for farmed animals, such as plant origin material, eggs, milk and derived products. This is creating several challenging issues. In 2017 the use of insects in aqua feed was authorised.

In the USA, BSFL can be used in feed for salmonids and poultry.

In Canada, whole dried insect larvae can be used in feed for salmonids, tilapia, chickens, ducks, geese and turkeys.

6. How to Make Insects Into Animal Feed Pellets?

The use of insects as animal feed does not mean that insects replace all raw materials. Insects are always one of the raw materials. How to make insects into animal feed pellets? Because insects are only one of the raw materials, the steps and processes of the animal feed pellet production line will not be changed. The production process of the insects feed pellet factory is still the grain crushing system, mixing system, granulating system, screening system and cooling packaging system.

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