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0.5T/H-1T/H Low-Cost Best Quality Competitive tilapia fish feed production line

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"I needed a 0.5 ton / hour tilapia feed production line for tilapia fish

. I need also another offer for the 1 ton/hour to see if it's available with my budjet or not. My raw materials are soybean expeller - crushed corn - universe - wheat bran - corn gluten - fish meal - sunflower gain… etc.

I need the offer of the whole line to study many things

1- electricity requirements.

2- prices of all components.

3- factory needs.

Last question

How can i check if the machines are suitable with other machines or not?"

Richi Machinery Engineer Li Answered:

Dear Madam/Sir

Hello, we provide all the equipment needed for 0.5t/h-1t/h low-cost best quality competitive tilapia fish feed production line. Including fish feed extruder, fish feed pellet machine, multi-pass convection belt dryer, feed hammer mill, single roller double paddle mixer, spraying system, flow feed pellet cooler, dcs automatic packing machine, etc.Tilapia Feed Production Line Process

Tilapia fish feed formulation

  1. Low-cost tilapia fish feed, prepared from locally available raw materials, should be nutritionally comparable to high-quality tilapia fish feed to maintain productivity.
  2. The preparation of fish feed in small farms requires a lot of labor, and the lack of amino acids in certain ingredients can damage the quality of the feed.
  3. Commercial tilapia feeds are formulated, cooked, extruded and pelletized diets typically containing 32 – 40% protein. This can be fishmeal or soy protein, which is more suitable for tilapia fish.
  4. Floating pellets are generally recommended as they remain on the surface until they are consumed. They are more expensive. Sinking pellets are easier to make and cheaper, but they can get lost in the mud at the bottom of the pond. This is not a problem in shallower artificial containers, and the fish will find pellets that sink to the bottom of the tank.
  5. Tilapia fish also eat plants, usually algae. Duckweed can be used with commercial fish feed to increase protein levels in its diet.
  6. The formula feed for tilapia should contain 27% to 40% protein. For fry and fingerlings, there should be small particles in the feed, the protein content should be 35% to 40%, and for adults, the protein content should be between 27% and 30%.
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