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1-2 Ton/Hour Chicken, Cattle and Pig Combined Feed Production Line

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"I wish to set up a feed production line at my farm to feed cattle, pigs, and chickens. So a 1tonne/hour or 2 tonne/hour shall do just fine. May i have a recomendation and price for the plant."

Richi Machinery Engineer Li Answered:

Dear Sir/Madam

Hello, 1-2 ton/hour chicken, cattle and pig combined feed production line is a small-scale feed production line. It has a small investment and a quick return on costs. It can be used to produce various animal feeds. The price range of 1-2 ton/hour chicken, cattle and pig combined feed production line is 10,000-50000 US dollars. Because each production line has a different configuration, Richi Machinery can set up simple configuration, low configuration, standard configuration, high configuration, PLC, etc. for you according to your budget and needs. Of course, it can also be a turnkey project. Currently we have done many 1-2 Ton/Hour Feed Production Line projects.

Richi Machinery 1-2 Ton/hour Feed Plant Project

Rwanda 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Pellet Machine Line

Tanzania 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

Gambia 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Machinery Line

Cape Verde 1-2 T/H Poultry Feed Pellet Line

Senegal 1-2 T/H Livestock Feed Pellet Line

Iraq 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Production Line

Sudan 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Machine Production Line

Tanzania 1-2 T/H Feed Powder Manufacturing Line

Malawi 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Line

Uzbekistan 1 T/H Fish Feed And 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Combined Line

Botswana 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Pellet Making Machine Line

Uzbekistan 1-2 T/H And 1 T/H Animal Fish Feed Combined Line

Tanzania 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Production Line

Tanzania 1-2 T/H Feed Pelletizing Machine

Madagascar 1-2 T/H Feed Pelletizer Machine

Uzbekistan 1-2 T/H Chicken Pellet Feed Production Machine Line

Uzbekistan 1-1.2 T/H Cattle Sheep Feed Pellet Production Line

Uzbekistan 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Powder Processing Plant

We not only make small-volume feed production lines, but also medium and large-scale feed mill projects are also our development direction.

Richi Machinery High-Volume Project

Uzbekistan 10 T/H Chicken+5 T/H Feed Premix Plant

South Africa 10 T/H Cattle Feed Pellet Producing Line

Afghanistan 10-15 T/H Poultry Feed Pelletizing Line

USA 10-12 T/H Forage Grass Pellet Mill Production Line

Kenya 5 T/H Computer Batching Powder Feed Processing Line

Saudi Arabia 5-6 T/H +10 T/H Cattle Chicken Feed Process Line

Ethiopia 5-6 T/H Powder Feed Pellet Processing Line

Uzbekistan 10-15 T/H Animal Feed Production Line

Mauitania 10 T/H Animal Mash and Pellet Feed Machine Line

Uzbekistan 10-15 T/H Chicken Feed Processing Line

Large-scale 15-ton Automatic Animal Feed Production Line in Oman

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