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Richi Machinery Full Biomass Pellet Line Price

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"Hi! My name is Stefan, I’m interested in full biomass pellet line. Can you send me quote? Please!"

Richi Machinery Engineer Li Answered:

Dear Stefan

Hello, we produce biomass pellet line equipment of various raw materials. What is your hourly output? We can provide design solutions and quotations for the production line of biomass pellets from 0.5 tons/hour to 80 tons/hour. Please tell me your output and approximate budget, and I will provide you with free design plans and quotations according to your needs. Each output has a variety of different designs, simple configuration, low configuration, standard configuration, high configuration, fully automatic, semi-automatic, PLC, etc. The different raw materials also have a great impact on the design, whether it needs to be chipped, whether it needs to be crushed , Do you need to dry and so on. The price of our smallest 0.5T/H biomass pellet line is about 30,000 US dollars. The larger the output, the higher the configuration, and the higher the price.

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