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UK 100 KG/H Good Quality Fish Feed Pellet Making Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: UK
Capacity: 100 KG/H
Date: Oct 30th,2019

Aquaculture in the United Kingdom is dominated by salmon farming (mostly in Scotland), then by mussel production with trout being the third most important enterprise. Aquaculture in the United Kingdom represents a significant business for the UK, producing over 220,000 tonnes.

The fish feed pellet making line purchased by this customer in the United Kingdom has a very small output, only 100 kg/h, and the main fish feed pellet sizes include 2mm, 3 mm and 4 mm. The size of the customer's workshop is (L*W*H): 4m*3.5m*4m, mainly using corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal and other grains as raw materials. This is a simple small production line, the installation is very smooth, and no problems are encountered during the installation.

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