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Ukraine 100-150 KG/H Commercial Floating Fish Feed Pellet Processing Line

post time:2021-02-24

Country: Ukraine
Capacity: 100-150KG/H
Date: Jan 11th,2019

Ukraine has significant growth potential, gradually growing investment attractiveness, traditions of fish farming and aquaculture. However, only in conditions of consolidation of the aquaculture and fishing community is it possible to solve obsolete problems and develop new economic models.

Ukrainian customers have invested in a 100-150 kg/h commercial floating fish feed pellet processing line, which mainly produces 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, and 10mm fish feed pellets. The raw materials used are mainly corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal and other grains. Because it is a small volume of floating fish feed pellet processing, the installation cycle is very short. But during the installation process, the fish feed formula of our this customer have some problem, it resulting the final feed can't float on the water, so our engineer suggest him can add some corn starch in the formula. Finally, the final produce fish feed pellet float up, our client felt very happy. Install and production is very smoothly until now.

“It is a market with high growth potential in aquaculture. In the 90s the total production was 130 tons. Today it is over 20.000 tons. The majority is carp, but the production of species like trout, sturgeon and catfish is constantly growing. We are happy to have been part of this progress over the years, and that our company today has the leading position in feed supply in Ukraine. I am looking forward to the years to come – Let’s grow together”, the person in charge of the customer said.

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