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Tanzania Longlife Guarantee 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Machine Production Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Tanzania
Capacity: 1-2T/H
Date: Nov 8th,2017

As the population of the African continent is said to swell to two billion within the next three to four decades, it is becoming increasingly important to create affordable food solutions to keep up with growing demand. Poultry, being the most efficient land-based converter of feed to protein, plays a major role in feeding the continent.

In Tanzania, the animal feed industry is still underdeveloped to a great extent. Over 90% of thecommercial feed production goes to poultry. The animal feed industry through the poultry value chain has apotential to promote agricultural production in the country by promoting production of grains and soybeansas raw materials for manufacturing poultry feeds. This is enhanced by the fact that chickens have acompetitive advantage over other livestock such as cattle, goat, sheep due to the fact that they can beproduced in large quantities with minimum space and time under intensive systems provided that there isadequate good quality feed.

The customer invested in a small 1-2 t/h chicken feed pellet machine production line and received good feedback from the customer. The project workshop covers an area of 13m * 4m * 8m (L*W*H). The raw materials are corn, wheat and other grains. He want to produce 1-2mm small baby chicken feed and 3-6mm chicken feed. This is a small type chicken feed pellet line, the install is very simple, Our after-sales technical team very positive to guidance them how to install, and help them to solve these problems smoothly, the installation time is 15 days.

Main Machine

No.  Machine Power
1 Hammer mill 11 kw
2 Mixer 250kg/batch
3 Pellet machine 22 kw
4 Cooling machine 0.93 kw
5 crumbler machine 5.5 kw
6 screen machine 0.25 kw
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