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Gambia Easy to Use 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Machinery Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Gambia
Capacity: 1-2T/H
Date: July 11th,2019

Poultry farming is becoming one the biggest business opportunities for young Gambians. This is thanks mainly to the locals’ growing appetite for chicken and eggs. Across restaurants and fast food chains, spicy chicken wings and fried chicken are always popular picks on the menu. Over the last five years, a growing number of young people have ventured into poultry farming to help meet the chicken and eggs demands.

Investing more in poultry production is very important considering its economic values. But poultry farming requires having the right know-how to be able to do the right things and then get the right results.

It also requires hard work and prompt attention and it is little capital intensive, thus, starting poultry farming on small scale is the best way to enter and learn the business but if you want to start on a higher scale, you need to prepare well for it.

Gambia easy to use 1-2 t/h chicken feed pellet machinery line is a good investment. The customer’s raw materials are also grains, such as corn, wheat, etc., and the chicken feed pellet size is 2-6mm. The customer did not visit our factory, but chose us after specific communication and understanding online.

Main Machine

No.  Machine Power
1 Hammer mill 11 kw
2 Feed Mixer 250kg/batch
3 Pellet machine 22 kw
4 cooling belt 3 kw
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