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Tanzania New Technology 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Granulation Production Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Tanzania
Capacity: Feb 3th,2017
Date: 1-2T/H

Tanzania produces substantial amounts of cereals and root crops. Because of their high content of readily digestible carbohydrates, they are valuable feeds for livestock, especially the monogastrics. Starting in 1992, numerous small feed manufacturers emerged to fill the gap but were poorly equipped, lacked technology and rarely observed the required quality standards. However, they easily sold their products because compound feeds were in short supply. Lack of large-scale feed manufacturers made feed more expensive and as a result, backyard home mixing of poor-quality feeds mushroomed. Despite these challenges, Tanzania’s animal feed industry has grown and, currently, there are more than 80 compounded feed millers producing mainly poultry feeds. Some of them also produce pig and dairy meals though in limited quantities.

Tanzania new technology 1-2 t/h animal feed granulation production line project, completed in 2017. The project is a small-volume animal feed pellet production line with a workshop size (L * W * H): 13m * 4m * 8m, which mainly produces mash feed and 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm pellet feed. This is a small animal feed pellet production line. The installation is very simple. It took about 15 days. Our after-sales technical team is very actively instructing them how to install and help them solve these problems smoothly. Main Machines in this 1-2 t/h animal feed granulation production line include:

1. Hammer mill * 11 kw;

2. Mixer * 250kg/batch;

3. Pellet machine * 22 kw;

4. Cooling machine* 0.93 kw;

5. crumbler machine*5.5kw;

6. screen machine*0.25kw and other subsidiary equipment, It's one set full automatic contral system.

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