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Ethiopia New Type 5-6 T/H Powder Feed Pellet Processing Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Ethiopia
Capacity: 5-6 T/H
Date: July 08th,2019

Ethiopia is a country with largest livestock population in Africa and with a huge livestock genetic diversity. In the second Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP), Ethiopian government has identified livestock sector as a new source of economic growth. The feed sector is central for all livestock commodities and is a key pillar of livestock growth and transformation from various perspectives. From production point of view, animal production is essentially a conversion of feed into animal product dictating the level of production and product quality and safety. From economic point of view about 70 percent of the cost of animal production is feed.

Therefore, it is not difficult to see from the above information that Ethiopian animal husbandry is a rapid growth point for economic development. And 70% of the cost of animal husbandry comes from feed. Therefore, establishing a feed factory or feed pellet production line in Ethiopia is one of the ways to promote the development of animal husbandry.

Ethiopia new type 5-6 t/h powder feed pellet processing line project, can produce powder feed for various animal species. Because it is a powder feed processing line, no feed pellet machine and cooler are needed in this production line. The main raw materials of the project are corn, wheat, soybean meal and other grains, which will be put into operation after the successful installation of the project in 2019. What you may not know is that during the implementation of the project, all members of the project team overcame the adverse effects of weather and power outages, deployed in a timely manner, carried out construction in a reasonable and orderly manner, completed the installation of the project within 30 days, and ensured that the project was ahead of schedule carry out.

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