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Hong Kong,China New Condition 3-4 T/H Ruminant Animal Feed Pellets Machinery Line

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Hong Kong,China
Capacity: 3-4 T/H
Date: Nov 1th,2019

Hong kong,china new condition 3-4 t/h ruminant animal feed pellets machinery line project, raw materials are 80% fresh grass and other grains, additives. Need to make 6-12mm ruminant pellet feed. Because the raw material is 80% fresh grass and the water content is high, the first choice is to cut the grass with a grass crusher, and then use a drum dryer to dry the water to 13%-15%. According to the customer's plant area of ​​60m * 24m * 12m (L * W * H) and the customer's output of 3-4 t/h, we have customized a 3-4 tons per hour ruminant feed pellet production line program for the customer. The program includes a 110-kilowatt feed grinder, a 1000kg/batch feed mixer, a 110-kilowatt cattle feed pellet machine, as well as a cooler, a screening system, a gas boiler, a finished product automatic packaging system, and a fully automatic computer formula batching scale, etc. Wait. Because of its large scale, the installation cycle of the entire ruminant feed processing line is 90 days.

At present, the production line has been put into production, and the project is running smoothly. Customers also recognize our products and equipment.

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