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Mauitania Antomatic 10 T/H Animal Mash and Pellet Feed Machine Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Mauitania
Capacity: 10T/H
Date: Apr 17th,2017

More than three-quarters of Mauritania’s population are engaged in traditional activities, the most important of which is animal husbandry. In terms of quantity, goats and sheep are the most important livestock, followed by cattle and camels. This customer from Maiinia asked us about the pellet machine on the Richi Machinery website in 2015. After learning about the customer’s specific situation, our sales manager recommended the high-quality SZLH pellet machine from Richi Machinery. Customers have used our products and understood our product quality and services, so when they were preparing to expand production in 2017, they did not hesitate to consult us about the antomatic 10 t/h animal feed machine line.

The customer’s raw materials are corn, soybean meal, rice straw and premix, of which crude fiber accounts for 30-50%. The particle size range that customers want to produce is relatively wide, and the pellet feed and mash feed of different sizes from 0.8-12mm. After the customer's situation, our technical team immediately customized a 10 t/h animal mash and pelelt feed machine line programsituation, and sent a quotation to the customer within a short period of time. At the same time, in order to fully understand the actual situation of the customer, Richi's sales manager, technicians and engineers also visited the customer site.

Customers felt the professionalism and sincerity of Richi's mechanical staff, so they chose to cooperate with us. The host required for this production line includes feed grinder machine*110KW, feed mixing machine*1000kg/batch, animal feed pellet making machines*110kw, cooling machine*SKLN20 *20, pellet crumbler*SSLG15*150, screen and automatic packing machine, electrically heated boiler*1000 kg/h and other auxiliary equipment.If you are in Mauritania, you are also welcome to visit our project to understand the situation!

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