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Somalia Automation Lubrication System 5-6 T/H Animal Powder And Feed Pellet Process Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Somalia
Capacity: 5-6T/H
Date: Apr 26th,2018

Livestock is the main source of livelihood in Somalia. It provides 55% of employment opportunities and at least 40% of GDP. The livestock industry and its products account for 80% of Somalia’s exports. The feed industry related to animal husbandry has developed very well in Somalia. In 2017, a Somali customer planned to build an animal powder and feed pellet process line project, and found Richi Machinery on the Internet. RICHI’s rapid response, quick answer, detailed quotation and professional technical knowledge conquered this customer, This makes RICHI stand out among many suppliers. The customer signed a contract with RICHI in 2018 to purchase an automation lubrication system 5-6 t/h animal powder and feed pellet process line. Main Machines in this complete line:

1. 37KW hammer mill;

2. 500kg/hour mixer;

3. 55KW pellet machine;

4. cooler;

5. rotary shifter;

6. manual packing machine

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