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Iraq Good Stability 1-2 T/H Chicken Feed Pellet Mill Machine Production Line

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Iraq
Capacity: 1-2 T/H
Date: June 28th,2019

As Iraq’s population grows and the demand for meat and dairy products increases, grain consumption and animal feed pellets in the feed industry will increase. This trend has contributed to the recovery of Iraq’s poultry and animal husbandry, and also promoted the Iraqi feed pellet mills increase and development. Yellow corn in Iraq is mainly used by poultry feed mills but the use of corn by the aquaculture sector is also increasing. It is a good investment to establish feed mills and feed pellet production lines in Iraq. In 2019, an Iraqi customer purchased a small-scale chicken feed pellet mill machine production line from Richi Machinery, It's not full automatic contral system, with an output of 1-2 tons per hour. The host equipment required by the production line includes:

1. Hammer mill * 11 kw;

2. Mixer * 250kg/batch;

3. Pellet machine * 22 kw;

4. Cooling machine* 0.93 kw;

5. screen machine*0.25kw and other subsidiary equipment

Iraq good stability 1-2 t/h chicken feed pellet mill machine production line project has been put into operation. At present, customer feedback is running smoothly. The pellets produced are of high quality and worthy of trust!

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