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Malaysia Easy to Operate 3-5 T/H Animal Mash Feed Making Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Malaysia
Capacity: 3-5 T/H
Date: March 17th,2017

Poultry is the dominant protein consumed in the Malaysia. The poultry sector is relatively strong and well developed. The swine sector is struggling, and with the official emphasis on making the country a “halal hub,” the government would likely prefer that it disappear completely. No significant beef industry exists.

Malaysia’s animal feed mainly relies on imports. In 2018, the Minister of Agriculture of Malaysia stated that Malaysia needs to produce its own feed ingredients for the livestock industry to maintain self-sufficiency while reducing its dependence on imported agricultural products. This also promoted the development of animal feed factories in the country. The increase in animal feed factories will inevitably require more animal feed. Therefore, Malaysian customers purchased a complete easy to operate 3-5 t/h animal mash feed making line equipment from Richi Machinery.

When the Malaysian client consulted in the early stage, the conditions and raw materials for building the factory were not so good. Because it is an existing workshop, the height of the entire workshop must be controlled within 6.5 meters. And the material is not very clean, so it must be equipped with cleaning equipment and iron removal device. In addition, the customer requires the minimum powder size of the hammer mill to be 0.5mm. Therefore, the technical team of Richi Machinery customized a production line equipment tailored to the specific requirements of the customer.

Malaysia easy to operate 3-5 t/h animal mash feed making line project includes main equipment including feed hammer mill*37KW, feed mixer*500kg/batch, packing machine and other auxiliary equipment. Because this production line is of medium scale, So the installation took about 15 days.

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