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Uzbekistan 5 T/H High Efficiency Sinking Fish Feed Pellet Making Plant Project

post time:2021-03-11

Country: Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Capacity: 5 T/H
Date: Nov 21th,2017

The fish industry is one of the main directions on the way to ensuring food security. Recently, the share of fish farming in the structure of the economy has increased, thanks to the measures taken. The fish industry is important in the development of agriculture in Uzbekistan. In recent years, the share of this industry was less than 0.1% of GDP. In the republic there are extensive natural water resources in the form of ponds, reservoirs, lakes, rivers, irrigation canals, etc. Despite the primary water resources, the catch of fish has significantly decreased. As a result, the consumption of fish products per capita decreased to less than half a kilogram per year. At the same time, the recommended level of fish consumption for medicine in Uzbekistan is 10-12 kg per capita.

An intensive fish farming cluster will specialize in integrated production. It is planned to create incubation workshops, the production of fish and fry, the release of fish food with high protein content, as well as the processing and storage of fish products. An innovative approach of the company is the introduction of special feeds made from fruits and vegetables with the addition of essential minerals for effective and rapid development and growth of fish.

The sinking fish feed pellet making plant project is located in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. The client hopes to invest in the fish feed industry to earn more profits. The size of the workshop of this project is 8m * 5m * 14m, mainly using corn, wheat, soybean meal, fish meal and other grains as raw materials. Because the investment is a medium and large-scale fish feed production line, the installation cycle is relatively long, which took 30 days. Since its operation in 2017, the equipment has been running well, with high operating efficiency and few failures. Customers are very satisfied with our equipment.

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