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Aquatic Pellet Plant Project

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Botswana 100-150 KG/H Good Feedbacke Floating Fish Feed Pellet Plant Making Line

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Botswana
Capacity: 100-150 KG/H

Aquaculture and fish farming have become huge business and products are sold/distributed to countries all around the globe. Almost all seafood consumed in Botswana is imported. The salmon products mostly come from Norwegian-owned farms in colder countries and the majority of the Tilapia, commonly called bream, comes from farms in China! Import statistics for fish and seafood from 2016 indicate an import of 3,960 tonnes with a value of P105.4 million. If one looks at only the frozen fish segment it indicates an import of 400 tonnes with a value of P11.7 million.

Local production through aquaculture and improved value chain management of fish capture from natural stocks can contribute positively to the economy as it has the potential to decrease imports, increase value, generate employment and diversify the food production sector. Though fish farming has shown potential for growth in the country, there are some challenges that the division has noted such as

Limited water resources as Botswana does not have a lot of water

Lack of technical knowledge of fish farming as its relatively new and farmers are not yet knowledgeable on its management

Unavailable fish feed locally; feed constitutes up to 60% of running costs of a fish farm. Importing feeds therefore makes fish farming more expensive.

Mr Molefe says despite these challenges, more farmers are venturing into fish farming and this is a clear indication that fish farming has a bright future in Botswana and deliberate strategies should be developed to encourage its uptake.

Botswana 100-150 kg/h good feedback floating fish feed pellet plant making line project is also a preliminary test, mainly producing 2-12mm fish feed pellets. The project workshop area size (L*W*H): 10m*3m*5 m, the purchased fish feed pellet production line equipment includes: 1.feed hammer mill*11KW; 2.feed mixer*250kg/batch; 3.feed pellet extruder*22kw; 4.dryer machine; 5. coating machine and other subsidiary equipment, no packing machine. It's not full automatic contral system.

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