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USA Large Scale 10-12 T/H Cow Sheep Chicken Pellet Mill Production Line Project

post time:2021-03-11

Country: USA
Capacity: 10-12T/H
Date: March 15th,2020

According to a report prepared for the Institute of Feed Education, the US animal feed and pet food manufacturing industry is an important driving force for the US economy and is expected to continue to flourish and contribute to the country’s economic development.

The study said that there are 5,715 animal feed factories and 517 pet food factories in the United States. Missouri, California, Texas, Pennsylvania and Iowa are the states that have the most valuable combination of animal feed and pet food mills that drive economic activity. Each of these five states are home to anywhere from 17 pet food mills in Missouri to 89 in Pennsylvania, and 149 animal feed mills in California to almost 680 in Texas.

USA large scale 10-12 t/h cow sheep chicken feed pellet mill production line project. The project was signed in 2019. The main raw material is fresh grass including alfalfa, hemp and other fresh grass, with a water content of about 80%. Because the output is relatively large, natural drying is not suitable for this large-volume production line, so drum drying machine is needed. The manufactured pellets are 2-12mm in size and are mainly fed to cattle, sheep, chickens and other animals. The host equipment that needs to be used in the 10-12 t/h cow sheep chicken feed pellet mill production line project are:

1.feed hammer mill*90KW;

2. feed mixer*1000kg/batch;

3. feed pellet machine*22kw;

4. cooling machine;

5.crumbler machine;

6. screen machine;

7. automatic packing machine and other equipment, It's one set full automatic contral system.

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