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Kenya Large Industrial 5 T/H Computer Batching Powder Feed Processing Unit Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Kenya
Capacity: 5 T/H
Date: Sep 3th,2018

Out of approximately 100 feed millers countrywide in Kenya only 20% of these are professional in terms of adhering to the industry standards and making high quality feed; most of these belong to the Association of Kenya Feed Manufacturers (AKAFEMA). The rest of the feed millers generally mix available raw materials and make basic feed manually. One key challenge faced by feed formulators is the variability in raw materials, this can be seasonal or regionally based.

In 2018, a Kenyan customer purchased a large industrial 5 t/h computer batching powder feed processing unit line from Richi Machinery, which is mainly used to produce chicken powder feed. Because the production is not feed pellets, so chicken feed pellet machine is not needed. The project took 30 days to complete the installation and the project has been put into use for 2 years. The customer reported that the operation is still relatively smooth. Which host devices are used in Kenya large industrial 5 t/h computer batching powder feed processing unit line project?

1. Hammer mill * 37 kw;

2. Mixer * 1000kg/batch;

3. Cooling machine* 1.5kw;

4. screen machine*1.5kw, packing machine and other subsidiary equipment, It's one set full automatic contral system.

Richi mechanical engineer Li Gongjian said, Broiler feed, for example, is best when dispensed in pellet form rather than mash and only around 5% of feed millers have the facilities to pellet feed. Also, significant know-how is required to formulate broiler feed.

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