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Aquatic Pellet Plant Project

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Puerto Rico 1200-1500 KG/H High Quality Fish Feed Pellet Mill Plant Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Puerto Rico
Capacity: 1200-1500 KG/H
Date: 2018

Puerto Rico not only develops aquaculture, but also drives the development of local tourism with leisure fishing. Therefore, it can be seen that the fish feed of Puerto Rico is very promising. While the grow-out potential in Florida is limited by low temperature during the winter months, conditions in Puerto Rico are favorable for year-round production. This has led to a growing interest in establishing aquaculture of basa catfish on the island. A fish feed extruder purchased by customers from Puerto Rico this time will be used in the 1200-1500 kg/h high quality fish feed pellet mill plant. Because of the small scale, the installation was relatively smooth, and the installation was completed in just 10 days.

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