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Biomass Pellet Plant Project

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Austria 5 T/H Large Scale Wood Sawdust Pellet Plant Production Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Austria
Capacity: 5 T/H
Date: January 2020

Austria is among the countries with the highest market penetration of bioenergy in the heat market in Europe and worldwide. While the traditional use of firewood still dominates for heating, the use of pellet heating systems has shown a very dynamic market development over the last 15 years. Owing to the rapidly increasing importance of pellets as high-quality biomass fuel in Austria and Europe within the last years, many companies, mainly from the wood industry, are thinking of entering this market.

The 5 t/h large scale wood sawdust pellet plant production line project in cooperation with Austrian customers is to process 4 mm wood chip pellets, which is mainly used for heating small-scale private residential and medium-sized industrial boilers in Austria. Host equipment of this low investment high return wood pellet line:drum wood chipper machine(30kw),wood hammer mill crusher(75kw),box cylinder pulse dust remover(11kw),electric control cabinet,vibrating screen classifier(1.5kw),Europe use wood pellet machinery(37kw),counter-flow pellet cooler(0.75kw),rotary dryer,automatic bagging system(3kw). In the process of Austria project execution, the customer requested the assembly to be completed as soon as possible to achieve production. Therefore, the time from construction to production was very short, but we still successfully completed the project with a tight schedule and passed the one-time acceptance.

Reasons for Popularity of Wood Pellets in Austria

1. Austria is one of EU members. EU has high standard for environment protection. Conventional fossil fuels produce much smoke and ash during combustion, which can do harm to the environment. Wood pellets are very good fuel and produce less smoke and ash when burning.

2. After being pretreated, corn stalk, cotton stalk, groundnut shell, soybean husk, bagasse and other agricultural waste can be raw materials for wood pellets. Trees can also be used as raw material. These materials are easily available.

3. Process being environment friendly. The process of producing pellets in pellet mills is just a mechanical movement. Raw materials go into the pellet mill. Wood pellets are formed by pressing raw materials through small holes in the die. No harmful byproduct produced. This confirms to the concept of building a green world.

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