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Medium-scale Wood Pellet Plant That Uses Forestry by-products (Branches, Twigs and Logs) to Pelletize

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"I am interested in a project that utilizes forestry byproducts (branches, twigs and logs) in a medium scale wood pellet plant for local use."

Richi Machinery Engineer Li Answered:

Dear Sir

Hello, it is a good choice to invest in the biomass pellet industry, especially now that the globalization of fossil energy is decreasing, and all countries pay more attention to the development of biomass energy. Some forestry byproducts, such as wood chips, waste wood, branches, twigs and logs, etc., will pollute the environment and waste resources if they are not used. These raw materials are relatively cheap, and they are also one of the most important raw materials for making wood pellets. We provide 1-80 tons/hour wood biomass pellet production line project, whether it is forest by-products or agricultural by-products, it can be used to make biomass pellet fuel. Please tell us the moisture content of your raw materials, the capacity of wood pellets produced per hour, investment budget and any other useful information. Our technical team will customize a suitable production line plan for you based on the data you provide.

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