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Qatar Farm Machinery 3-5 T/H Feed Pellet Making Machine Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Qatar
Capacity: 3-5 T/H
Date: March 25th,2016

Animal feed is divided into three categories: one is direct grain feeding, one is feed powder, and the other is feed pellets. How effective are the three feed forms? Needless to say, feed pellets are of course better.

In 2016, a Qatar customer sent an inquiry form to the Richi Machinery Feed Pellet Machine website to inquire about the price and product information of the SZLH320 feed pellet making machine. The customer mainly wanted to purchase a pellet machine to produce 2-12mm feed pellets. After understanding the specific needs of the customer, the business manager of Richi Machinery sent the product information and detailed quotation to the customer in time. After comparing four feed pellet machine manufacturers, the customer chose us. Now the equipment has been in operation for about 5 years. Except for the replacement of the wearing parts: the ring die, the pellet machine is running well.

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