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Malawi Easy to Maintain 1-2 T/H Animal Feed Pellet Press Line Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Malawi
Capacity: 1-2T/H
Date: Nov 27th,2018

The livestock population in Malawi includes poultry-mostly chicken farming, cattle, goats, pigs and to a smaller extent sheep. The Poultry population has growth to the extent that Malawi has moved from a position of being net importer of poultry products and is exporting into neighboring Countries. The Malawi Poultry Industry has experienced phenomenal growth in the past 10 year. Feed mills in Malawi are mainly used for grinding, dosing and mixing feeds from cereals and oil seed meals. Recently, the pelleted feed has been introduced in Malawi. The animal feed industry compounds more feed for monogastric animals (pigs and poultry) than for ruminants.

In 2018, a Malawi client was looking for a feed pellet machinery and equipment manufacturer and was preparing to invest in a small-scale animal feed pellet press line project to produce 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, and 6mm animal feed. The customer compared 8 manufacturers in different countries, and chose Richi Machinery on the basis of comprehensive design plans, equipment quality, project cases, and corporate history and qualifications. The workshop area of the project (L*W*H): 6m*3m*7m, and the installation process is relatively smooth. Customer have enough experience, but didn't know how to adjust the clearance of ring die and roller, so Our after-sales technical team very positive to guidance them how to install, and help them to solve these problem in the process of install.

Malawi easy to maintain 1-2 t/h animal feed pellet press line project, the main equipment includes:

1.feed hammer mill*11KW;

2.feed mixer*250kg/batch;

3.feed pellet machine*22kw;

4.cooling machine;

5.crumbler machine;

6.screen machine;

7.packing machine and other equipment.

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