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Madagascar Farm Use 1-2 T/H Feed Pelletizer Machine Project

post time:2021-03-08

Country: Madagascar
Capacity: 1-2 T/H
Date: Dec 19th,2017

Livestock development provides substantial potential economic opportunities for smallholder farmers in Africa, but productivity is constrained by the scarcity of quantity and quality feed. Ruminant livestock production is also associated with negative environmental impacts, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, air pollution, high water consumption, land-use change, and loss of biodiversity. Improved livestock feeding and forages have been highlighted as key entry point to sustainable intensification, increasing food security, and decreasing environmental trade-offs including GHG emission intensities. Among Madagascar livestock, zebu account for most of the cattle, while pigs, sheep and poultry are also raised. Fishing is popular, and aquaculture has grown in importance.

In 2017, Madagascar customer purchased a 1-2 t/h feed pelletizer machine from Richi Machinery, model SZLH250 ring die pelletizer, used to manufacture feed pellets of different sizes. Because it is a 1-2 t/h feed pelletizer machine, we do not need to install it. The customer's own installation is also very smooth, and the equipment is put into production and runs stably.

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