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Super Quality TLSS Screw Conveyor

Super Quality TLSS Screw Conveyor


Capacity:10-80 t/h

Applicable: Suitable for grain, feed and other pellet or powder materials.


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Product introduction

Richi Machinery super quality TLSS screw conveyor is a fixed device of mechanical conveying equipment. Suitable for pellet or powder material of grain,oilseed and feed with horizontal conveying or approaching horizontal, angle <20°= sloping conveying, the conveying length is normally up to 40 meters. The suspension shaft uses brasses or machine tool oil-impregnated bearing,easy and simplified lubrication. All use steel punching except walled bearing support,saving labour and material.The exit walled bearing base with simple isolation dust structure is safe and reliable.The screw has many turning forms like left turning and right turning. The inlet and exit of walled bearing support may be interchanged,more flexible in technique.TLSS-32、TLSS40 use bolt to connect tube shaft,disassemble or assemble screw shaft, no need to disassemble bearings, convenient maintenance.

Product advantages

Minimal Residue

The optimized design minimizes corners and gaps, thereby effectively reducing product residues.

Long Service Life

Sturdy design, extend the service life and reduce maintenance costs.

Fully Sealed Design

It can prevent dust from escaping, thus ensuring the cleanliness of the surrounding environment of the equipment.

Smooth Conveying

Optional large-capacity feed port plus gradient pitch to ensure continuous unloading of the storage bin to prevent material congestion.

Customizable Structure

The modularity of components allows customers to easily customize the structure according to specific requirements.

Optional Materials

Powder-coated low-carbon steel version (standard version) and optional stainless steel version, different materials and surface finish differences can achieve a wider range of applications.

Working Principle

During work, the material enters the conveying trough from the inlet of the conveyor, and a thrust is generated on the material by the rotation of the spiral blades, which pushes the material from the inlet to the outlet.

Technical parameter

Model TLSS16 TLSS25 TLSS30
Spiral diameter(m) 0.12 0.2 0.26
Rotating speed 127 127 127
Conveying distance(m) 1-6 1-6 1-6
Capacity(m³/h) 3-6 10-15 20-25
Power(kw) 2.2 2.2 3

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