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Top Quality TGSS Scraper Conveyor

Top Quality TGSS Scraper Conveyor


Capacity:12-400 t/h

Applicable: It is widely used in grain, feed, premix, light industry etc


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Product introduction

Richi Machinery top quality TGSS scraper conveyor is a kind of continuous conveying equipment for bulk materials in enclosed rectangular section shell by means of moving scraper chain. Scraper conveyors is mainly suitable for conveying various raw materials, semi-finished products and other small granular or powder materials in the food, oil, feed, light industry, pharmaceutical, brewing and other industries, especially in the production of pre-mixed feed and concentrated feed. 

Product advantages

Large Output

Economical bending plate conveyor chain, suitable for conveying with output below 200 tons and conveying distance within 80 meters.

Safe and Reliable

A zero-speed detector is installed on the driven shaft, and the conveyor will be stopped immediately when the chain fails-so as to achieve effective and timely safety measures

Cost Saving

The number of wearing parts is reduced, and the maintenance cost is greatly reduced.

Reasonable Design

Adjust the tension device on the machine head to make the scraper work in the best condition.

Characteristic Supporting Roller

The supporting roller can effectively reduce the resistance of the scraper chain, reduce noise, power consumption and shock absorption.

Convenient Replacement

The sprocket and chain links connected with bolts simplify and speed up the replacement process of components.

Technical parameter

Model Chain speed(m/s) Power Reducer Conveying distance(m) Conveying volume(m³/h)
TGSS20 0.32 2.2 XWD5-35-2.2 3-8 40
TGSS20 0.32 3 XWD5-35-3 8-18 40
TGSS20 0.32 4 XWD5-35-4 18-29 40
TGSS20 0.32 5.5 XWD6-35-5.5 29-47 40
TGSS20 0.32 7.5 XWD7-35-7.5 47-71 40
TGSS25 0.32 3 XWD5-35-3 3-11 65
TGSS25 0.32 4 XWD5-35-4 11-18 65
TGSS25 0.32 5.5 XWD6-35-5.5 18-29 65
TGSS25 0.32 7.5 XWD6-35-7.5 29-44 65
TGSS25 0.32 11 XWD7-35-11 44-70 65
TGSSK32 0.45 4 XWD4-23-4 3-12 97
TGSSK32 0.45 5.5 XWD5-23-5.5 12-19 97
TGSSK32 0.45 7.5 XWD6-23-7.5 19-29 97
TGSSK32 0.45 11 XWD7-23-11 29-46 97
TGSSK32 0.45 15 XWD8-23-15 46-66 97

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