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SSLG Crumbler

SSLG Crumbler



Applicable: Poultry chicken bird pig feed pellet making plant


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Product introduction

Richi machinery CE ISO new design SSLG crumbler for sale. SSLG crumbler is a kind of feed processing equipment, which can crush larger pellet feed products produced by pellet mill. For example, feed pellets of 3-6 mm can be crushed into smaller pellets of 1.5-2.5 mm, and cooled into smaller pellets through a cooler. Instead of using small hole ring die which will reduce the capacity, it's an economical method for the production of small pellet feed.

Product advantages

High Efficiency

Traditional gear-driven design, lower energy consumption, more evenly granularity, higher yield.

Personalized Configuration

SSLG crumbler can deploy special roller gear according to customer ’s requirement on granularity.

Characteristic Structure

Three roller structure, feeding roller on the top of fast roller and slow roller.

Strong Durability

The crushing roller adopts high chromium alloy, which has a long service life and can be processed repeatedly to reduce the use cost.

Protection Device

SSLG crumbler with crushing roller protection device, it will automatically avoid when foreign matter enters, protecting the crushing roller from damage.

Wide Application

SSLG crumbler used for breaking poultry and aquatic pellet. It breaks the big pellet pellet produced by pellet mill and cooler to required small pellet size.

Technical parameter

Model SSLG15X80 SSLG15X100 SSLG15X120 SSLG15X150 SSLG20X170 SSLG20X140 SSLG20X170b
Roller 2 2 2 2 2 3 3
Capacity 2-4t/h 2-5t/h 3-8t/h 5-10t/h 8-18t/h 8-17t/h 10-20t/h

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