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SKLN Series Counterflow Cooler

SKLN Series Counterflow Cooler


Capacity:2-25 t/h

Applicable: Pelletizing Industry


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Product introduction

The cooling of pellets is an indispensable process in the granulation section. Richi Machinery stable performance SKLN counterflow cooler is adopted to cool the pellets with high temperature and moisture. Hot air touches hot pellets and cool air touches cool pellets to avoid the pellet surface crack caused by sudden cooling produced direct touching between cool air and hot pellets. The counterflow cooler can cool the pellets with a temperature of 70 ℃ -90 ℃ from the pellet mill. to a temperature slightly higher than the room temperature of 3 ℃ -5 ℃, and can be reduced to safe moisture (≤12.5%), which is convenient for pellets transportation and storage. The machine adopts a unique sliding valve mechanism to discharge materials, and the operation is smooth and the discharge is smooth.

Product advantages

Small Space Occupied

Vertical overall layout, compact structure, small space occupied.

Long Service Life

Pressure reduced board at discharging, improve the work load, reduce distortion, extend the life of the part.

Easy to Maintain

The equipment has access door in the front, the side and top cover have viewing windows for easy observation and inspection.

Uniform cooling

Widely applied in feed and biomass processing industry for cooling of all kinds of pellet materials.

Stable Operation

Gear motor drives eccentric shaft as transmission, smooth and reliable, low noise,easy to install and maintain.

Unique Design

Octagonal cooling bin, eliminating death corner.

Working Principle

The wet and hot pellet, pressed by pellet machine, through the inlet of rotate airlock feeder into cooler machine. When the pellet materials are cumulate and touch on door, switch on motor and discharging works. The motor goes reciprocating motion with reducer and eccentric mechanism, and the pellet are discharged from the gap of discharging frame and fixed frame, when discharge door closed, no discharging. When feeding is more than discharging, the motor and discharging stop running, and feeding is going. Like this, fan is always working. Because raw materials is flowing from up to down, while wind is from down to up, which pellets touch with fan to cool, so it is called counter-flow cooler machine.

Technical parameter

Model SKLN11*11 SKLN14*14 SKLN17*17 SKLN20*20 SKLN24*24
Capacity(t/h) 1.5-2 3-5 5-8 9-12 13-18
Power(kw) 0.75 0.75 1.1 2.05 2.05

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