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SCY Drum Pre-cleaner

SCY Drum Pre-cleaner

Model: SCY

Capacity: 15-30 T/H

Applicable: Poultry chicken bird cattle sheep pig feed pellet making plant


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Product introduction

Richi machinery easy to maintain scy drum pre-cleaner for sale, the hot-selling models are SCY63, SCY80, SCY80*2, SCY100. The output is 15-30t/h 20-40t/h 20-40t/h 30-50t/h. It is a multi purpose pre-cleaning equipment for effective separating various large impurities and is characterized by high throughput, low power consumption, high efficiency, stable and reliable running, impact structure and small floor space.

It is suitable for pre-cleaning of front stage material feeding procedures in many processing industries, like flour mills, feed mill, grain storage, etc.The machine can be used at the intake section of the processing plant or silos to eliminate coarse impurities like pebbles, paper, sticks, wood pieces, leaves, cobs, etc.


Product advantages

Reasonable Design

The discharge section of the screen cylinder is provided with a spiral, which is helpful for the discharge of large impurities and can prevent the material from flowing out with the large impurities.

High Efficiency

The cleaning effect is good, and the rate of removing large impurities is greater than 98%.

Easy Maintenance

The sieve can be disassembled and replaced easily, saving costs.

Stable Operation

Direct gear transmission with gear reducer, compact structure, stable operation and low failure rate.

Flexible Adjustment

The inclination angle of the screen drum can be adjusted arbitrarily within the range of 4°-8° according to different materials to obtain better cleaning effect.

Wide Applications

It is suitable for the cleaning section of granular raw materials in many industries such as feed, grain, oil and fat.

Working Principle

Henan Richi Machinery SCY series drum type pre-cleaner is mainly composed of box, frame, inclined drum, transmission device, support device and other components. When the material falls on the rotating drum from the feeding port, the material is in full contact with the drum and rolls on the drum due to the action of the rotating drum. The material smaller than the screen hole passes through the inner drum and falls on the outer drum. The materials that cannot pass through the sieve holes are gradually pushed toward the outlet end by the rotation of the inclined drum, and finally they are collected by the hopper to enter the curtain crusher through the material pipe to continue to be broken. The materials falling on the outer drum are continuously screened by the outer drum. Fine powder and fine particles smaller than the sieve holes pass through the sieve holes and fall into the hopper and enter the granulation bin through the material pipe. Collected by the hopper through the material pipe to enter the next process.

Technical parameter

Model SCY63 SCY80 SCY80*2 SCY100
Power 0.75kw 0.75kw 0.75kw 1.5kw
Capacity 15-30t/h 20-40t/h 20-40t/h 30-50t/h

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