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SCQZ Conical Drum Powder Precleaner

SCQZ Conical Drum Powder Precleaner



Main Power:5.5KW


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Product introduction

Richi machinery easy to operate scqz conical drum powder precleaner for sale,  the capacity is 10-15 t/h, 25-30 t/h. It is mainly used for powdery material cleaning in feed pellet mills. It can effectively crush the agglomerates in the powdery auxiliary materials and separate the mixed materials in the powdery auxiliary materials. Straw, hemp rope, paper, stones, etc., to ensure the normal operation of the subsequent equipment. The machine can also be used for sieving the mixed materials, clearing the dough and ensuring the quality of the compound feed.

Product advantages

High Efficiency

Larger screen area, high yield, good cleaning effect, the impurity removal rate ≥99%.

Forced Feeding

Screw forced feeding is adopted, and the traditional conical structure is changed to a straight structure in the internal screen.

Stable Operation

Belt transmission, low noise, smooth operation.

Innovative Configuration

Equipped with flange sight hole and cleaning door, and used for operation, cleaning and maintenance.

Optional Screen

Suitable screen can be selected according to the material characteristics to achieve the best cleaning effect.

Seal Design

The use of a sealing device increases the service life of the bearing and prevents ash leakage.

Working Principle

When the powder sieve works normally, the feeding screw forcibly feeds the powder into the sieve cylinder, and the powder is impacted by the continuously rotating plate inside the sieve cylinder, and the agglomerated material in the powder is broken. At the same time, the powder is driven by the plate to move around the inner surface of the sieve cylinder together with the plate. Under the effect of centrifugal force, the powder smaller than the diameter of the mesh hole quickly passes through the mesh hole, and is discharged to the discharge port at the bottom. The large amount of the mesh larger than the diameter of the mesh hole moves in the direction of the large miscellaneous material under the action of the inclined plate. Finally, the machine is discharged.

Technical parameter

Model SCQZ60*50*100 SCQZ90*80*110
Power 5.5kw 7.5kw
Capacity 10-15t/h 25-30t/h

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