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Rotary Drum Drying machine

Rotary Drum Drying machine

Certification:CE & SGS & ISO

Applicable: Dry various biomass raw materials, such as sawdust, Husk, grass, dregs and etc.


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Product introduction

Richi Machinery industrial high efficiency rotary drum drying machine is a type of industrial dryer employed to reduce or minimize the liquid moisture content of the material. The rotary drum dryer is made up of a large ,rotating cylindrical tube usually supported by steel beams . The dryer slopes slightly so that the discharge end is lower than the material feed end in order to convey the material through the dryer under gravity.

The rotary drum drying machin has advantages of low noise, fast delivery, reasonable design, high efficiency, low energy consumption and easy to operate. This rotary drum dryer can be widely used in different fields, such as forestry waste pellet line, waste organic matter pellet line, agricultural waste pellet line, wood pellet line, grass pellet line, straw pellet line, palm shell pellet line,etc.


Product advantages

Energy Saving and Environmental Protection

The cover at both ends of the main body of the rotary drum drying machine is designed with high sealing, which is both energy saving and environmental protection.

1. High Efficiency

The thermal efficiency of the rotary drum drying machine is up to 80% (the traditional dryer efficiency is only 32%) and the thermal efficiency is increased by 48%.

2. Flexible Application

Used for the production of large quantities of products, no residual products left in the rotary drum dryer and a small amount of materials can also be dried.

3. No Need Dust Remover

The exhaust gas does not take away the materials, so there is no need to use dust removal equipment and other dryer accessories.

4. Great Operation Flexibility

The operation parameter can be adjusted in a wide range and is easy to adjust. It can dry various materials.

5. Uniform Drying

The operation is continuous, and uniform dry products can be obtained.

Application Of Rotary Drum Drying machine

Rotating drum dryer is currently the most widely used equipment, and are capable of handling almost any bulk solid material regardless of its conveyance and handling characteristics.

1. Suitable for feed and agriculture industries: straw, grass fish meal, leaves, food factory waste, corn sauce

2. Suitable for bio-mass pellet industry: wood sawdust, wood chips, wood shavings, agricultural straw

3. Suitable for organic fertilizer & compound fertilizer: organic & compound fertilizer granules, livestock manure waste, poultry manure, such like sheep manure, pig manure, chicken manure, caw manure etc. and compost, sludge.

4. Suitable for building materials drying, metallurgy and chemical industry, mining industries: respectively, sand, cement, ores, slag, coal, metal power, clay, kaolin

5. Suitable for drying powder and granular materials: phosphorus slag, crystals.

Technical parameter

Model ф1200*120000 ф1500*150000 ф1800*180000 ф2400*100000 ф2400*100000*3
Cyclone ф800*2 ф800*2 ф1000*2 ф1000*2 ф1000*2
Application Applicable to low-temperature continuous drying material in large quantity, such as sawdust , wood chips ,grass ,dregs and etc
Fuel Options Bark, wood pellets, wood chips, wood waste, natural gas, LPG, coal, etc

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