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Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer

Single Roller Double Paddle Mixer



Applicable: Animal feed mill plant


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Product introduction

Richi Machinery best selling new type single roller double paddle mixer is suitable for mixing materials in various industries, such as powder, granular, flake, miscellaneous and viscous materials in feed, food, chemical, pesticide and other industries. It adopts pneumatic discharge mechanism with self-locking function, discharge door sealing with silica rubber, no leakage. large access door, reasonable design, convenient for cleaning and maintenance. The limit switch in the access door can ensure safty operation. It is suitable for a varity of liquid additive, such as water, molasses, oil, etc.

Richi Machinery best selling new type single roller double paddle mixer mainly uses the paddle to turn the materials to make it fully mixed so that increases the surface contact area of the material to promote chemical reactions and accelerates physical changes.


Product advantages

Well Mixed

Reasonable blade arrangement allows our mixing machine to fully mix when dealing with multiple materials.

Higher Efficiency

We promise to use high-spec drive motors and a reasonably optimized paddle layout to ensure the efficient use of the mixing machine.

Quality Accessories

RICHI promises to use high-quality motors, reducers, shafts, bearings, etc. for each equipment to ensure the interests of customers.

No Damage to Materials

The blades are made of stainless steel, which is not rusty and corrosion-resistant, and does not damage the original characteristics of the raw materials during the mixing.

Rugged and Durable

The thickness of our mixer body is 8.0mm, which is double that of other company. It can fully guarantee the stability and service life of the equipment.

Eliminate Leaks

The discharge door of our mix machine adopts full-length door opening and is equipped with a door lock mechanism to prevent leakage during the mixing process of the mixer.

Technical parameter

Material quality carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel Stainless steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel carbon steel
Power 11kw 11kw 22kw 22kw 22kw 30kw 30kw 37kw 55kw
Mixed weight 500kg/batch 500kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1000kg/batch 1500kg/batch 2000kg/batch 2000kg/batch 3000kg/batch

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